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TOUGH VIKING is the leading, largest and most brutal Obstacle Race in Scandinavia and Russia

30 JulyKuzminki park

About Race

TOUGH VIKING is the leading, largest and most brutal Obstacle Race in Scandinavia and Russia. The obstacles are massive and consists of fire, water, electricity, deep mud, monkey bars and barbed wire set out along a challenging route. More than 25 000 athletes participated in a Tough Viking race during 2015. As off today we have completed races in Levi (Finland), Åre (Sweden), Gothenburg (Sweden), Stockholm/Hagaparken (Sweden), Oslo (Norway), Moscow (Russia), Stockholm/Djurgården (Sweden), Kaisaniemi (Finland) and Malmö (Sweden).

Due to safety reasons, people with heart problems or pregnant women are not allowed to participate in a Tough Viking race. Some of the obstacles are electrified.


Sign up now to claim and secure your start. You can compete individually or in teams. You choose how you will compete when signing up. A team can consist of as many participants as you like, but you compete with the aggregated time of the 4 fastest times in your team against other teams.

MOSCOW, 30 JULY 2016
20 March1100 rubles
21 March – 30 April 1400 rubles
1 May – 30 June1600 rubles
1 July - 23 July 2000 rubles


Technical Questions

For technical questions at registration please contact the company TimePad responsible for the notification service

Partners and Оrganizers

For collaboration inquiries in Russia please contact Anna Ivanova on +7 (911) 913-96-85 or



  • Location of the race

    The race is going to be held in Moscow’s park “Kuzminki” (South-east district of Moscow)
  • Length of the race

    The distance is 8 kilometers with 20 formidable obstacles
  • Will there be medic at the race

    First aid medical center would be organized for all the sportsmen
  • Starting procedure with different start heats

    On the official site you can register yourself or your team. After you finish the online registration, you will receive a letter with the time of your start. Please, print the received letter and show it to the organizers at the registration tent of the race where you’ll be given your race number.
  • Number of obstacles (approximately)

    You can compete individually or in team. The team should consist of more than 4 sportsmen. The maximum amount of the team-players is not strictly limited.
  • Compete individually or in team

    You can compete individually or in team. Just choose a needed option during the registration. The team should consist of more than 4 sportsmen. The maximum amount of players is 10 sportsmen per one team. The finishing time of a team counts like the average time of each team-player (aggregate). If you have already registered a team of 4 sportsmen, but then you want to add extra players, you should: 1. Press the “Registration” button 2. Add information about extra players 3. Choose a team-name from the pop-down list. The time of start will set up automatically 4. You will receive a check on your email.
  • After party?

    All needed information about the after party you will get at the registration tent.